WCFDavos Founder and Content Director, President of the WCFA association (Global)

Expert in the field of corporate, public and political communication.

Has more than 15 years of experience in the communications industry.

In 2004, she led the election campaign for the post of President of Russia.

In the period of privatization of the Russian electricity sector led the department that combined the functions of PR, IR and Internal communications of one of the largest companies in Russia.

Since 2009, together with colleagues from different countries, has being implementing a project of the World Communication Forum in Davos Communication on TOP.

Program Director and Evangelist of the Forum.

In 2011-2012, was a member of the jury of one of the most prestigious international awards in the field of Public Relations – SABRE award.

The initiator of Creative Class Global Meetings organization.

Produced the European Festival of viral creativity Euroviral.

In 2014, in cooperation with the WCFDavos forum’s community established a non-profit, non-governmental organization – the World Communication Forum Association (WCFA), and was elected as the President of the Executive Board.

An expert in the field of political and corporate psychology and applied psychoanalysis.