About the WCFA

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The World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) was registered in Davos, Switzerland in November, 2014, upon the initiative of a group of dedicated communicators from Europe, Asia and Latin America.

WCFA is a non-profit organization governed by the official Statutes and also by Articles 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. The association is an organization of unlimited duration. It is neutral politically, non-denominational, with a head office in Davos.


WCFA aims to contribute actively to the development of the modern public communications worldwide.

Key areas of activity

  • Forming a cross-border and cross-cultural community of professionals and increasing its strong global influence via an agenda focused on communications, media, public relations, branding and leadership.
  • Proceeding from the idea of communication as a key factor in the development of the humanity and aiming to intensify the research of future specifics: new behaviour models, educational models, recognition and influence.
  • Supporting young professionals by financing cross-national internships for students from communications schools.
  • Supporting the annual World Forum “Communication on Top” in Davos as a platform for discussion that shapes the global communications agenda and foresees the influence of different media channels on society, business and the communications industry.


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WCFA Founders

WCFA was founded by a group of distinguished communications professionals from Bulgaria, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

WCFA Executive Board

Members of the WCFA’s Executive Board:

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Membership and application

* Membership applications are accepted throughout the year.
* All members shall abide to the official Statutes of the organization.

The Association unites:

  • Founding members
  • Executive Committee members
  • Active members
  • Honorary members

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* NB! WCFA members are offered the following benefits:
1. One page for advertising member-organizations’ brands in:
WCFDavos Forum Booklet + World Communication Review
2. Member-organizations’ banners on the WCFDavos website during the year of their membership.
3. From 30% up to 50% discount for entry at any WCFDavos Regional Sessions for the current year, for both categories of members – persons and organizations.
4. 30% discount for entry at the respective annual WCFDavos summit for both categories of members – persons and organizations.


Mattastrasse 21
CH-7270 Davos Platz
Davos, Switzerland
E-mail: yana@forumdavos.com
Tel: +41 76 277 1087

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