WCFDavos in Kiev invites those who recognize communication as a strategic investment in the development of the country, society or the company. CEOs from business and state authorities, NGOs, media, as well as communication professionals, will meet leading Ukrainian and foreign experts to discuss global trends and challenges in communications.

Forum program

1Registration of guests 8.30-9.00
2Welcome speeches 9.00-9.30
3Founder & Content Director of the annual global WCFDavos summit in Switzerland 9.00-9.05
4WCFDavos-Kyiv Organizing Committee Chairperson, WCFDavos Committee Member, PR&GR Services Director at AGAMA communications (Ukraine)IRYNA ZOLOTAREVYCH9.05-9.10
5Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine 9.10-9.30
6Head of Digital & Social Media Leadership boutique cc: catalfamo (Italy)GIANNI CATALFAMO9.10-9.30
7The Global Dialogue in the New Geopolitical Realities. Public diplomacy. 9.30-11.00
8Head, Engagements Section, NATO Public Diplomacy DivisionGERLINDE NIEHUS9.30-9.45
9CEO & Founder, Auxilium Cyber Security (Germany)MICHAEL GOEDEKER9.45-10.00
10Ambassador of Israel in UkraineELIAV BELOTSERCOVSKY10.00-11.00
11Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of International Affairs of UkraineDMYTRO KULEBA10.00-11.00
12Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Verkhovna Rada 10.00-11.00
13Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union 10.00-11.00
14Project Manager, Ukraine Promotion Program, National Reforms Council of UkraineMARIA BARABASH10.00-11.00
15Coffee break 11.00-11.30
16The Government and Business: a Sustainable Communication Partnership. 11.30-13.00
17Minister of Economy and Trade of Ukraine 11.30-11.45
18Senior Vice President & Partner at FleishmanHillardMICHAEL CARNEY11.45-12.00
19Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of UkraineDMYTRO SHYMKIV12.00-13.00
20Head of Parliamentary Committee on Budget in Ukraine 12.00-13.00
21Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of GeorgiaGIORGI BARAMIDZE12.00-13.00
22Head of National Securities and Stock Market Commission in UkraineTYMUR KHROMAEV12.00-13.00
23CEO of the European Business Association in UkraineANNA DEREVYANKO12.00-13.00
24Senior partner & President of BDO LLC - UkraineALLA SAVCHENKO12.00-13.00
25Managing Director at GROU - UkraineYARYNA KLYUCHKOVSKA12.00-13.00
26Lunch 13.00-13.45
27General Manager and Chief Storytelling Officer at Ogilvy Public Relations, Madrid (Spain)EVA SNIJDERS13.45-14.00
28Innovations and Communications: a Productive Symbiosis. 14.00-15.00
29Head of Digital & Social Media Leadership boutique cc: catalfamo (Italy)GIANNI CATALFAMO14.00-14.15
30Executive Chairman, AGAMA communications (Ukraine)TATYANA VASILENKO14.15-15.00
31Co-founder and President of the GrowthUP Accelerator, Managing partner of GrowthUP Group (Ukraine)DENIS DOVGOPOLIY14.15-15.00
32CEO & Founder, Auxilium Cyber Security (Germany)MICHAEL GOEDEKER14.15-15.00
33Cultural and Creative Industries Specialist, EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity ProgrammeTIM WILLIAMS14.15-15.00
34Marketing Manager, Intel (Ukraine)YURII MYKOLYSHYN14.15-15.00
35Managing Partner & CMO of new media (Ukraine)MARIA FRONOSCHUK14.15-15.00
36Charity lottery. You’re welcome to buy lottery tickets to benefit the Charity Children Cancer Foundation! 15.00-15.15
37Coffee break. 15.15-15.45
38Senior Partner, Country Manager, WE Partners (Ukraine)TATYANA FURTSEVA15.45-16.00
39The Media in a Polarized Society: Part of the Problem or Solution? 16.00-16.45
40partner at pro.mova, media expert (Ukraine)YEVHEN HLIBOVYTSKY16.00-16.45
41Executive Producer of Ukraine Today (Ukraine)16.00-16.45
42Adviser to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine16.00-16.45
43Chief Editor of the online edition and print magazine NATALIYA LIGACHOVA16.00-16.45
44Cultural Diplomacy – the Way to Mutual Understanding. 16.45-17.45
45Director of National Art and Culture Museum Complex Mystetskyi Arsenal (Ukraine)NATALIYA ZABOLOTNA16.45-17.45
46photographer, author of the book IHOR HAYDAY16.45-17.45
47Founder and General Director of Kobzov’s Circus (Ukraine)MYKOLA KOBZOV16.45-17.45
48Communications Director, Victor Pinchuk Foundation (Ukraine)DENIS KAZVAN16.45-17.45
49Executive director, Kyiv Institute of Leadership Initiatives (Ukraine)SERHIY KOSHMAN16.45-17.45
50Closing remarks. 16.45-17.45
51Cocktail reception. 17.45-18.15
52C4F Davos Awards Ceremony. 18.15-19.30




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